Notes on Apache Log4j2 issue, fix, lessons learned and next steps

  • what caused the security issue in Apache Log4j2
  • fix provided by the Apache team for this issue
  • lessons learned
  • how we all can help Open Source in locating this kind of security issues and fixing them

About the issue

Arbitrary code loaded from LDAP servers:

Log4j2 String interpolation issue

Fix Details

Fix in the
version 2.15.0
Fix in the
Stronger Open Source! Image Credit: Google Chromecast

Lessons Learned

  • A voluntary movement to find these kind of issues in our Open Source software.
  • These volunteers should be awarded for their proof-of-work in locating and fixing this kind of issues. Similar to Prof. Donald Knuth’s reward check.
  • Users of Open Source software can fund these efforts. This will make our Open Source more successful. As we know Open Source is the backbone to the growth of our Software Industry.
  • Let us make it healthier and stronger!
Let us help! Image Credit: Google Chromecast


  1. CVE-2021–44228
  2. Remove static dependency on JndiLookup.class
  3. Khousik from Java Brains explains the issue in details




Improving Agriculture, Healthcare… Equality for All, Love and Respect Nature.

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Mohan Chinnappan

Mohan Chinnappan

Improving Agriculture, Healthcare… Equality for All, Love and Respect Nature.

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